CaraFan Sahara Pressuriser    CaraFan Sahara Pressuriser

The Answer to No More Dust in Your Caravan


If you are a caravanner you would know about Australia’s endless red plains and bull dust. No matter what precautions you take somehow this red dirt gets into every nook and cranny or our caravans, in our clothes, shoes, cars and even our glove box. This red magical dust gets in everywhere.

For many of us, our caravan is our pride and joy that we cherish sometimes more than our homes. Or for those who choose to be a caravanner for life, it is our homes.

You can block, patch, tighten, block windows, vents, drains but it still finds its way in. If you have been hiding under a rock, you would have missed what everyone is talking about. The Carafan Sahara!

There is now a solution that actually works to “Keep the Great Outdoors, Outdoors!”. The Carafan Sahara CP700 is considered the best purposely designed caravan pressuriser that actually KEEPS DUST OUT!

The original and considered the best caravan pressuriser, the Carafan Sahara CP700 powered system (12v, 6amp) will suit caravans up to 27 feet and is simple to install for most caravan approved installers or manufacturers.

Some caravan manufacturers are now building them into their new caravans. If you already have a caravan, don’t sweat it as this beauty can be retrofitted to most existing caravans.

What does it mean for caravanners?
  • Keep dust out without blocking ventilation points
  • Enjoy less maintenance and Cleaning
  • Reduce allergies and respiratory ailments brought on by dust
  • Safeguard your electronics from dust
  • Protect your equipment and caravan
  • Peace of mind so that when you get to your destination you can actually relax!
There are caravan pressurisers out there that are used for other purposes and are customised to work for caravans. Others are powered units but do not come close to the visual appeal, performance or durability the Carafan Sahara offers. They are made with lesser material, less life filters that deposit a heap of dust in your caravan ever time you change the filter.

Some are non-powered and rely on air flow that require you to travel at a reasonably high speed. These require you to drive in some cases in excess of 60-100km per hour. When you are driving off road in dusty and uneven tracks, driving at even 60km per hour is one rough ride for you and your caravan. These are scupper vent pressurisers that are more suited to on road conditions were dust is less of an issue but still lack the reliability in performance.

Join the growing list of happy caravanners and get you Carafan Sahara CP700 installed on your pride and joy and keep the dust out before you head out.

For more information, contact Carafan on (08) 9259 7799 or visit

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