CaraFan Sahara Pressuriser    CaraFan Sahara Pressuriser
What is the size and weight of the Carafan Sahara unit?

The CaraFan Sahara weighs 8 kgs only due to the aluminium material used with the external dimensions being 675 mm x 525 mm.

What is the cut-out size of the vent inside the caravan?

The vent size inside the caravan is 14” x 14” (335mm x 335mm) The CaraFan Sahara comes with an internal cover which looks aesthetically pleasing inside any van.

Can the CaraFan Sahara be installed in any direction on the van?

The CaraFan Sahara is multi directional and can be fit either way as the internal dimensions are square.

What voltage is the unit?

The CaraFan Sahara is a 12 volt unit and draws 6 amps when in operation.

What wiring would you recommend for the installation?

We strongly recommend an authorized caravan repairer / manufacturer to install the CaraFan Sahara with the wiring we would recommend to use being 4mm for the unit due to the 6amp of power draw.

Where is the best installation location on the caravan for the CaraFan Sahara?

We recommend the installation of the CaraFan Sahara towards the front of the caravan as this is where the unit will encounter the least amount of dust there for allowing the filter to last longer due to less turbulent air. It can be installed at the back of the caravan however if there is no room at the front, the filter will just need inspection more often to ensure the performance of the unit.

Is the unit rainproof, even if it is installed on the angle of the front of the van?

The CaraFan Sahara is fully weatherproof with clever manufacturing allowing the unit to be installed on up to a 45 degree panel at the front of a caravan if this is how your caravan is designed.

How often should we check the CaraFan filter?

We would expect 12 months of filter life if you use the caravan regularly however it depends on where you are travelling and how much dust you are encountering.

How do you change the filter and where can you purchase the filter?

The filter is a large panel filter with the dimensions of 14” x 20” x 2” (340 mm x 495mm x 44mm) You can purchase the filter (Part Number CP70013) through Lyons or our installer / reseller agents. We recommend the purchase of a spare filter for when you first purchase the unit. To change a unit you need to remove the lid of the CaraFan Sahara.

Is the filter washable?

No, the filter is not washable however it can be air blown out or vacuumed. Again, we recommend the purchase of a second filter when you first install / purchase to ensure no dust gets in your van.

Can you run the CaraFan Sahara off a switch in your vehicle?

We have had customers who have carried this out, the unit comes with a switch on the internal side of the unit only however an authorized caravan installer can assist with this.

Can the unit be installed onto existing vents?

The CaraFan Sahara has been cleverly designed and manufactured to fit into a standard 14” x 14” vent which is common across a lot of caravans such as Ventline vents. However some caravan manufacturers use other vents which means the cut out hole is larger, the CaraFan Sahara can still be installed into these larger vent holes however a spacer will need to be designed to suit. This needs to be done in collaboration of an authorized caravan repairer / installer.

Can the CaraFan Sahara be used as an exhaust?

No, the CaraFan Sahara is a pressuriser system designed to keep dust out and cannot be used as an exhaust due to the filter location.

What size caravans does the CaraFan Sahara keep dust free? What is the air flow?

The CaraFan Sahara pushes out 200 litres per second of filtered air which is enough to pressurize up to a 27 FT Caravan.

What colour is the CaraFan Sahara?

The CaraFan Sahara is white in colour for sun deflection. Other colours may be considered however there will be an extra cost for this.

Do we need to still block up vents?

No! We have designed the unit to provide enough pressure and air flow that you do NOT need to block up fridge vents. The whole practice of blocking up vents is dangerous and is one reason we designed the CaraFan Sahara in the first place. Please do not block up vents when using the CaraFan Sahara, you will feel the air come out showing the unit is working.

Do you have product warranty?

Yes, please click here to read our detailed warranty

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