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Don't Let Dust Spoil Your Adventure!


The caravan dust issue has been around since the beginning of caravanning. Most caravanners accept this issue as being the norm and do little about it and live with the frustration.

Some caravanners resort to temporarily or even permanently block dust entry points which is not best practice or in some cases, illegal. Australia’s gas regulations require manufacturers to maintain a specific airflow through the van or pop-top, so that if gas leaks or is left on, it doesn’t cause harm or worse.

Most people think that the source of any dust problem inside a caravan, are the areas where they see trails of dust. But the root cause is where the air escapes from (usually 1-2 mm in diameter). Dust enters if there is a lower pressure inside the caravan to the outside. The low pressure creates a partial vacuum and sucks in the dust through these holes and gaps.

There are people out there telling you all sorts of DIY tips to fix the dust issue. Like, sealing every point where dust can enter with expander foams, silicon and even rags. Some tell you not to run your fridge, block your drains and seal your vents. But caravanning should be fun without these stresses or complications.

The answer is to create greater pressure in your caravan by installing an air pressure system. Some are powered, while others are non-powered systems. Non-powered systems require the caravan to be in motion and at a certain speed, to force air into the caravan. If the air pressure outside is greater than inside, then the dust will still enter the caravan. These are costly and don’t always work, which is not ideal and does not fix the problem.

Powered systems are the way to go. Some powered systems are used for other industries (mining and construction) and are now incorporated into caravans. These are ok and are better suited for some caravan applications, but there is better.

The better solution is the Carafan Sahara which has been specifically engineered for caravans. Some manufacturers are now choosing to install it from factory, but if you have an existing caravan, it can be retrofitted and keeps dust out. It has added power and appeal, compared to other purposely design caravan pressuriser to “Keep the great Outdoors, Outdoors!”

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