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With costs of overseas travel still being a challenge, caravanning in Australia is booming. Travellers are exploring more of our great country, going deeper and more remote to experience mother nature’s wonders. Going “off-road” means many owners are driving on dirt roads more than ever. However, that red dirt doesn’t stay in the outback. It finds its way into every corner of our caravan.

It’s intrusive, pervasive and almost impossible to get rid of once it invades. So best to try and tackle the problem by stopping it entering in the first place.

There are many caravan manufacturers who include a dust suppression system knowing that is what people are looking for after spending their life savings on their portable home. If you don’t have one, chances are, you want one!

There are a few out there, but which one works best? Many van owners choose to build their own DYI system but they usually look out of place and require constant adjustments to work in your caravan. Things like blocking vents, driving at speed or taping half your caravan to stop airflow.

There are other non-powered scupper vent systems that rely on air flow, meaning the vehicle has to be moving at a certain speed to work. But we know when we are on roads that are dusty and rough, we can’t put our foot down on the accelerator at the risk of damaging our caravan and breaking down in the middle of nowhere. In truth they don’t always work when you want them to.

If you are looking at a dust suppression system designed specifically for caravans that works all of the time, then look no further than, The Carafan. This purposely built caravan dust suppression system creates positive pressure in your caravan without having to block, tape or seal your caravan.

The Carafan is a powered air filtration system that when switched on, engages a dynamic fan that blows no dust filtered air into your caravan. You can be stationary or on the move, it doesn’t matter. It works all of the time!

  • Keep dust out without blocking ventilation points
  • Enjoy less cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduce allergies brought on by dust
  • Safeguard your electronics and investment
  • Protect your equipment and caravan
  • Peace of mind that your protected from dust
It can be retrofitted to your existing caravan by a caravan repairer. If you are building your new caravan, ask your builder to install a Carafan during manufacture and protect your investment for years to come.

Join the growing list of happy caravanners and get your Carafan Sahara CP700 installed on your home from home. Keep the Great Outdoors, Outdoors!

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