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With international travel restrictions and state borders shut, caravanning has become even more popular as people try to escape and explore our vast and beautiful country. Instead of spending big on international flights and accommodation, Australians are opting to stay local and invest in caravans and comforts that make them home while on the road.

You wouldn’t want to drive hundreds of kms in your pristine mobile home to pull up to enjoy the fruits of your destination only to find a caravan full of dust. Spending hours cleaning in shear frustration and putting you off further travels and adventure.

Most caravanners know the feeling and no manufacturer can truthfully claim to have designed their caravan to be dustless. You can block, tighten, block windows, vents, drains but it still finds its way in.

If you have been hiding under a rock, you would have missed what everyone is talking about. The Carafan Sahara works to “Keep the Great Outdoors, Outdoor!”. The Carafan Sahara CP700 is considered as the best purposely designed caravan pressuriser the actually KEEPS DUST OUT!

Some caravan manufacturers will build them into your new caravans. If you already have a caravan, don’t sweat it as the Carafan can be retrofitted to most existing caravans.

The 12-volt CP700 will suit caravans up to 27 feet and draws only 6 amps when in operation. It is fully weather resistant, comes with a replaceable filter and built from lightweight UV protected coated aluminium to withstand Australia’s harsh environment. Looks great and works even better!

What does it mean for caravanners?

  • Keep dust out without blocking ventilation points
  • Enjoy less maintenance and Cleaning
  • Reduce allergies and respiratory ailments brought on by dust
  • Safeguard your electronics from dust
  • Protect your equipment and caravan
  • Peace of mind so that when you get to your destination you can relax and enjoy!

For more information please call Lyons Airconditioning on (08) 9259 7799 to be directed to your local Carafan installer.

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